Social Media Networks and Small Businesses: What’s the Connection?

Given the incredible number of social media users, it is undeniably true that these networking sites are such big hits. In comical notion, they can even be compared to stains which are hard to remove from the surface. Indeed, social media craze has become great evidence that Internet continues to impact people’s lives.

Image courtesy of Creative Commons
Image courtesy of Creative Commons

With many updates and developments going on these social networking sites, it is no surprise that business sector has likewise adopted this trend. No matter what size of companies, big or small-medium, networking sites are now employed as effective business marketing strategy. When talking about extensive benefits from social medias, small business enterprises are the most fortunate ones. They have benefited much from using social networking sites to promote themselves without allotting huge amount of finance.

Small Businesses vs. Big Players

Big companies often have huge lead ahead small business enterprises. Small business owners face a lot of limitations and struggles in order to compete with big players. These small entrepreneurs usually have:

  • Limited financial resources

  • Less exposure

  • Lack of time and staff, etc.

In spite of these obstacles, small business owners have seen a cost-effective way to level the fight against big players in the industry. And this is through social media.

How Social Medias Help Small Businesses

Most social networking sites these days have user-friendly interface. Thus, small entrepreneurs can easily sign up and manage whatever social media sites suitable for their business. As long as they know how to operate a computer, social media account is just a few clicks away. But of course, managing a social media account for the business takes a lot of effort and demands time. But it will be worth it. With no huge investment required (just internet connection), this is a marketing opportunity that should not be neglected.

Using social media, small business can:

  • Reach out to a huge number of potential clients

  • Easily interact with existing customers anywhere, anytime

  • Get access to international/global market

  • Build business image and set online reputation

  • Promote brand globally

Things to remember:

Yes, social media networks can truly help improve your brand and might bring in more profit. However, there are a few things to keep in mind after creating social media accounts for your business. Never leave your accounts hanging after establishing them. Keep it up-to-date with what is going on in your business. If there are comments, try to respond to maintain good interaction between your business and customers or potential customers. Post images of products if you must. This way, you can catch the attention of the viewers.

Aside from the possibility of attracting prospective customers, social media networks can likewise help you establish a good name over the internet. Having a good name is critical. For instance if you are applying for additional small business funding, these financial institutions will conduct research about your business. Thus, if you have positive feedback in your social media accounts, you might be a few steps from being approved. So, how are social media networks and small businesses are connected? Absolutely in several ways!