Tips on choosing a shopping cart package for your online business

Your choice of shopping cart software has the potential to really boost your website’s sales, or potentially lower them. How easy a virtual shopping cart is to navigate, add products to, and check out with can make a difference in your customers’ satisfaction. Generally speaking, most shopping cart packages offer everything you’ll need in terms of offering your customers a safe, secure purchasing experience, but no two shopping cart packages are exactly the same. Regardless of the industry your business falls under, it’s important to use an integrated system that offers ease of access and use. If you’re not sure if a particular software package is ideal for you, consider these recommended features:

online cart

Payment options.
This online cart should accept the most common payment options: credit cards, debit cards with a credit card option, and PayPal. It’s up to you to choose whether or not you’ll accept checks, but if you do, you should require it checks to be processed through a third party, such as PayPal.

Cart editing.

Shoppers should be able to easily add items to their cart, remove them, and update quantities. Carts should be easy to navigate from any section of the website, not just the checkout.

Your shopping cart software should offer search engine optimization. Keywords should be utilized in images and descriptions, URLs for categories as well as individual products should use the category and item names rather than random numbers, and descriptions should be keyword-rich, too.

Top notch security is very important for online shopping carts. Both you and your customers need to be protected. Look for encryption and security certificates in your software. Regular updates should be provided to ensure that security protocols are both met and exceeded.

Administrative abilities.
Your shopping cart software should provide a good experience for your customers, and one for you, too. From the administrative side of your shopping cart you should be able to easily access transactions, check on inventory, process exchanges or returns, and generate logs. If you can’t easily navigate the back-end, then chances are your customers can’t easily navigate the front-end.

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